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Welcome to The Kids Cottage!

The Kids Cottage is an Australian owned and operated boutique toy store located in the beautiful, semi rural town of Picton, NSW. The store is owned and operated by Nicole and her team of toy experts; people who are hand picked and selected for their dedication, their little people skills, and their exceptional customer service.

We aim to get to know you and your little ones, and with Nicole’s expertise, we can help you with your child’s learning and development needs. 

Our goal

It’s good to be a little different, and you’ll find this in our range of toys.

Our goal is to provide the best quality toys you won’t see everywhere else, some of which are earth-friendly being made from recycled plastics, and others which are designed to suit development and the milestone needs of children.

Our competitive pricing means discerning parents will find quality at a reasonable price. As a parent I know we all have a budget to stick to and I respect that.

It’s about kids and families!

Nicole values the role that family plays in the development of relationships and children’s needs, and brings these families together with a large range of family games, puzzles, children’s books and stem products.

Some more about us

For 17 years, Nicole has curated the most beautiful collection of old school toys, quality wooden toys and a selection of earth-friendly products from sustainable brands including Re-Play, Plan Toys, Viking toys as well as stunning lifestyle collections of baby clothing and products including Toshi Designs and Luna’s Treasures.

We also have quality brands from Schleich, Brio, Sylvanian Families, Alimrose Designs, Walker Books, Le Toy Van, and so many more.

With a prior background in Psychology and assessing the needs of children and families in a former work life, Nicole has an extensive knowledge of child development and the milestone needs of children. A large focus in the choice in products sold in store centers heavily around this and the term ‘learn through play’ is forefront of product choice. Our focus is also on the sensory needs of children with loads of fidget and sensory items to help with learning and brain development.

… of course there is just good old fashion fun stuff as well, or the plain pretty things too!

Community and family

Located in the little town of Picton, we are a part of a strongly bonded community in the shire of Wollondilly.

Over the years we have seen great adversity in a number of significant floods and fires, including the storm event in June 2016 which destroyed our little shop entirely (and the whole main street with the other businesses). It broke our hearts and challenged our spirits and resolve.

Throughout these events, one thing remained true and that is the bond we have with our community. Community and challenges are a part of us and we all rally together through natural disasters and pandemics.

Our customers are our family and we continue to stand, no matter what.

We love getting to know our customers and take great joy in getting to know you and your little people, your grandbabies and revel when a new little one is born into the world.

Earth-friendly toys

In a world of plastic, we have taken up the challenge to offer quality alternatives. There is something special about wooden toys. Their durability gives them a unique ability to become family heirlooms that can be enjoyed by generations.

Come and visit us!

We can’t wait to welcome you.

Both children and adults enjoy the in-store demo toys and we love hearing the gasps, the oohs and ahhs, when little people (and sometimes the grown-ups) make when they come into our shop.

The excitement is infectious!

If you can’t pop in, please enjoy your browse around our online store and we thank you for shopping at our little toy boutique!

Nicole and The Kids Cottage Team xxx